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Ripple XRP: Was Elizabeth Warren’s Letter All That Bad For XRP Hodlers?

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Daily XRP News
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  1. 54% of Salvadorians are worried about the BTC roll-out? What % of the Army don't understand the Flare Network roll-out? And, correct me if I am wrong, but put a pair of Foster Grants on Hugo with a backwards ball cap, and …pretty.. damn.. close!

  2. Anything is possible, but am sure Warren and Ginsler have different views and approaches when they say protect consumers. Ginsler, means put the accounts and power into the hands of banks and brokers and Warren is really trying to empower the consumer. This is where Ripple, Polysign, Defi and the new super Wallet tech come in which provides for regulatory clarity and can close those gaps between Exchanges, Custodians and Consumers.

  3. Rushing toward a goal isn't a death wish in this case and certainly not a deadline. Just ask Ripple, whose been asking for clarity for years, why? Bc they have the tech and been needing the rules of the road so they can start traveling and living life.

  4. It amazes me how so many had faith in everything Trump said regarding Crypto eventhough the liar did absolutely nothing concrete. Warren demands action, in the face of Ginsler doing nothing and not even having Crypto on the agenda this year and people are running around claiming she's out to take down crypto. Maybe she is, but her track record atleast for me, suggest she wants to help consumers so I rather explain to her that Ripple has the solution to the problems she wants addressed.

  5. All I’m seeing is another 3 month delay on top of the stack for Congress to help, take over, from the embarr asses at the SEC . Steer away from Hinman . If we don’t get deposition it’s congruent with shitshow. We need to do the Maxine Watters with these people.

  6. This Salvadoran President is being paid by Max Keiser in Bitcoins. Remember he said he can buy politicians? I don't think he meant on US soil, right?

  7. XRP and BabyXrp all the way guys you get rewarded XRP every 3 days for holding with doxxed and high credited known developers behind the project

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