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Ripple XRP: We Could See A $225 XRP, Strictly Speaking Technical Analysis Only – I Will Show You

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Ledger Nano X - The secure hardware wallet
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  1. I want your opinion about this.
    1- Demand and supply creat the real value.

    2- The price of a cryptocurrency is fixed like this : marketcap divided by the total circulating supply

    The problem is : we dont know the real circulating supply because the crypto market always show the total supply of the moment, not the real available. 18 151 825 bitcoin is in circulation but we don't know how many bitcoin is bought at the moment. For example, if 17 000 000 bitcoin is hold by investors, there is 1 151 825 bitcoin left. Think about this and you will understand that the actual price of a crypto currency is not real but much higher in certain case.
    I think this glitch is created by this theory.

  2. As stated, there are multiple factors that can cause the price of XRP to rise. The first being increased utility. Moneygram's next set of annual financial results is another such factor. Positive regulation in the Euro Zone and US will be another. Adoption of XRP as the primary means of moving money by a Tier 1 global bank such as HSBC will also be significant. FOMO, speculation and greed can escalate this process exponentially faster than actual utility. Moneygram's results will be available within 2020. This I believe will add positive pressure to the other factors.

    Bitcoin has shown the world that price is not always tied to utility. While USD 225 for XRP makes sense from a technical predictive point of view, in my opinion the price will continue to flounder until one or more of the other factors occur. Thereafter there are two possible scenarios: 1. The price continues to rise gradually with predictable peaks and troughs or, 2. There is mass adoption by the majority of financial institutions on an undisclosed set date that will see the price rise astronomically overnight. Either way, my advise is to keep buying XRP while you can still afford it.

  3. TA can give you a good probability of knowing if a trend is going to break upwards or downwards, it does not give any indication of how high it will go. I can assure you with xrp having a total coin supply of 100 billion (in comparison only 21 million bitcoin) price per token will never reach anywhere close to $225. I’m sorry to be the negative guy here but people that make these unprecedented claims towards new investors are either smoking crack or have no understanding of the financial markets or economics. Smart money will take your money if you hold your bag waiting for it to go that high. People will get out laughing while price plummets and your stuck sitting there with your thumb up your arse. Do some research before deciding which coin to invest in. Good luck and happy new year!

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