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Ripple XRP: We Should Revisit The Wall Street Forecast Prediction For A $1,046/XRP In 2020

Daily XRP News

This video is made by Working Money Channel.

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Trully speaking, I actually like the easy deposit, withdrawal and transaction methods of XRP Wallet for long long time now. I think its quicker than any other crypto wallets. It can transact in few seconds. Thank you XRP team.

    If Paypal team up with XRP it will be able to transact in few seconds and not in 21days… Paypal should use it for effective and quicker buy and sell. We are in 2020

  2. I know everyone is excited about the recent growth. But I don't think it will last. It will drop back to the teens. Anyone saying it will go higher than even a dollar is crazy.

  3. Love your work, Sir. Have you checked out QUIS and HIVE? They are publicly trading. Worth the look. As always…not financial advice.

  4. If the pattern repeats we will see about 90 to 115 USD jan/feb 2021……. and dont forget the XRP business and use case ia now massively more advanced than it was in 2017

  5. Bitcoin is exploding higher despite fears that it would see a strong drawdown toward the $14,000-15,000 region. The coin was at $18,850 , which is highest point so far in the last 2 year. This makes it a tough decision for both old and newbies whose intensions are just to hodl and sell but rather the potentials of tradn Btc would allow you grow your Btc not minding the present price chart and also saving your ass from any future deep that may occur. I started tradn with James Barrera of crypottribesmen since late last year and till date I have made over 14 Btc even with the ups and downs since the journey. With James help I no longer have to worry about the rise and dip of Bitcoin, you can easily get to James on TeIegram jamesbarrera wh*ts*pp + l 4 0 4 9 7 5 4 9 1 9 for any crypot related issue.

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