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Ripple XRP: Whales Holding XRP Up Over Six Month & Gen Z’s Knowledge About Crypto Surprising

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Be aware of all BS interpretation of statistics . Only statistic that is useful is what top .01 % of whale are doing . Those minnows below .2 % do not matter . In last 8 months those whales in top .01 % have unloaded more than 1.5 billion XRP to these minnows . They are just consuming these minnow slowly . This dilution of XRP is the main reason XRP price could not move up when most of other coin moved up significantly . " Regulatory Clarity " is just an excuse to be used for the dismal performance of XRP . There is lot more to feed you for many years . They are cashing out and you are holding bags . It is just matter of time most of these buyers will be forced in selling , there will be long liquidation . The long liquidation by these minnows will push the price down . Use these data objectively and sift through all the hype and misinterpretation of data by these U-tubers . Now XRP has fallen more than 11X against Bitcoin in last 3 years . XRP needs to move up over 1500% to reach its all time high . There is not much of probability that XRP will see its all time high again in next 5 years .

  2. I got a text message from supposed ledger saying my ledger needed a firmware update my crypto was in danger. Now they have my name too. This doesn't give me a good feeling of having my crypto on the ledger

  3. I received two of those text messages and both with US phone numbers.? They do not respond when you text them back. I asked them what is a ledger? My accounting book?

  4. That xrp volume anomaly would exceed the total pre mined amount of xrp. So not sure it means anything more than there are system issues which to me is not good.

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