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Ripple XRP: What Is Coinfield’s Mysterious “Game Changing” XRP Project?

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Just be patient everyone!! Stop checking the price everyday. Let it sit and worry about other things. Trust me you wont miss a thing when it shoots to the moon you definitely find just in time to collect your wealth. Plus, let XRP get everyone on board first so they can unleash the beast… be patient and trust the process everyone….🤙🤙#strait4fmSamoa 🇦🇸

  2. More XRP are held by Ripple than there are currently in circulation: 55 billion vs. 45 billion. 1 billion XRP will be released by Ripple once every 55 months, with all unused XRP returning to the escrow account at the end of each month. That means with XRP at a price of let’s say 10 USD somebody has to buy XRP for 10 billion USD each month. Who could this possibly be? The balance sheet of the federal reserve is about 4 trillion USD. Ripple the company would be worth more than 13 % of the federal reserve.

    XRP standing at about 70 USD would mean Ripple would be worth more than the federal reserve. That would be an inconceivable power for a private company. So I’m guessing that Ripple has to give away the most part of its escrow to IMF, BIS, Fed, ECB, UNO or Israel (you name it) or destroy the most of it.

    The release of 1 billion XRP per month means an inflation rate of more than 2% per month or about 25% per year. That’s even more than that of the USD.
    There is no information about to whom Ripple sells this 1 billion XRP and at which price, there’s a lack of transparency.

    A significant price increase of XRP (in relation to BTC) is not to be expected before the escrow is empty, let’s say in about 5 years. Until then XRP is likely to underperform BTC. Sudden spikes in price like that end of 2017 (induced by not well informed speculators) should be used to switch to BTC.

    I also would like to know why countries like China, Russia, Iran or Venezuela should use a crypto currency of a company located in the United States.The jurisdiction of the US is not considered to be predictable anymore.

    I’m fully aware of the ILP advantages. Ripple is trying to replace SWIFT, which transacts about 6 trillion USD – each day. But that does not mean that XRP has to increase beyond reason. You as an owner of XRP are not participating in the success as Ripple the company. You may try to buy some Ripple stocks OTC – if you are a millionaire already.

  3. Patience… takes a long time. This phrase was tattooed in my brain when I was a kid. A challenging skill to master let alone apply on occasion. Majority of ppl will never grasp this as the human gene pool has evolved for immediate gratification.

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