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Ripple XRP: What Is The Simpsons Predicting With Ripple’s Triskelion Logo In Their Latest Episode?

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  1. XRP. The Standard!!! XRP is going to crush the moon.
    We are in the greatest game of the millenia! Bags packed and others still being packed. Regulation clarity is starting to crystallize. India just dropped their ban on crypto, so you know other countries will be following suit.
    In the US, regulations will pass AFTER the Security and Exchange Commission(SEC) determines and announces that XRP is NOT a security, but they are not in any rush to do that just yet. They are stalling, and waiting till all the rest of the world's financial players have taken their respective positions on the stage. Once everything is set and finalized….BOOM! GAME TIME BABY!!!
    FOLKS!!! We have only till then to grab as many coins as we can. Once XRP launches, its trajectory will be upward gaining momentum till we reach escape velocity. It's going to be the ride of our lives!! Once more (see below)
    SEC announces XRP not a security + regulation clarity = GREEN LIGHT for financial institutions. For us that means Moonshot!!!
    Keep packing your bags XRP ARMY!!!!!

  2. Profound!! 🇱🇸Is here too, surely you don't know this country ut have come to know of it today. So please ship that ledger nano to Lesotho!! You see how far reaching the channel is?? 🇱🇸🇱🇸🇱🇸🇱🇸🇱🇸🇱🇸

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