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Ripple XRP: What Was The REAL Reason Ripple & MoneyGram Dissolved Their Partnership?

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Moneygram is the floor model display for the BIG BANKS that need to see the Ripple ILP technology at work and how much can be made by using Ripple tech.

  2. Ask the question has Ripple selling or sold their balance of shares in MGI.
    They did sell about 6% of their holdings in the last six month period.
    I am a MG I shareholder am confused does Ripple want to now dump MGI after spending many millions buying a big stake in it.
    Something is going on at SEC level and it smells.
    If the USA is dumb as it looks why does the world need it.
    Ripple leave the USA get the system working our money will follow you.
    The USA will follow once it is up and running.
    The money people in the USA do not want to lose control of money.
    Just my thoughts.

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  4. Dude he wasn't chasing him.. Brad was filming his Documentary and that was a film crew filming. Just think you saying that made him look like an ass and I respect his and your work

  5. A test? Lol

    Apparently the test didn't work considering ODL volume went from the 10's of millions last summer to a whopping 12k yesterday.

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