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Ripple XRP: What Would Full Panopticism Mean For XRP Hodlers?

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. 1st Credit Unions are better than traditional banks…never had a problem sending $$$ to crypto exchanges…2nd about CBDC and self identifying… if you use certain crypto exchanges they ask you to send a picture of yourself and your drivers license… The Governments already know who you are and if not once they end paper money you will almost have no choice but to identify if you want to buy things or own things… it's about 50% that way already globally… CBDC's will allow every country to TAX every transaction… and this is happening weather you want it or not. welcome to your NEW " ONE WORLD ECONOMY " 2036

  2. Barclays seems to think that we the customers will not be able to fund our crypto wallets even if they blocking payments. THIS IS CRYPTO UNIVERSE…you have no power here! 🤣🤣🤣

  3. Banks wsnts you to buy cryto from them !! Do they not have it because they don't have cbdc ? I imagine your new bank app with 3 sections now!
    – Checking
    – Crypto

  4. Some banks here in the US were well known for refusing to make transfers or allow cards to be used at exchanges. I belong to a credit union not connected to my job and so far there has been no issues connecting my checking acct with Uphold & Coinbase. I don't bother with Binance US, I can buy XRP on those other two and then make any transfers & exchanges I want from there.
    it also works well when shipping some fiat back to the checking acct, but it does take a few days to complete as it's still an ACH transfer. you can always dump a bank and try others.

  5. Banks want to eventually sell you crypto. So they are making it difficult for you to buy on your own. They basically own your money's use when in their bank.

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