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Ripple XRP: WhatsApp Integration With MoneyGram & How Much XRP Has Jed McCaleb Really Sold?

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Ledger Nano X - The secure hardware wallet
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  1. Money gram is full of fees and limits. I'd like to see a universal bank to bank, business to business, person to person app the world can get in board with. I hope to see all banks on ripple net get on board with something at no fees. As a business owner I'm sick of having to walk into a bank stand in line so I can pay a $30 swift transfer fee to send something to China that isn't instant, have some clerk take 10 min to enter in numbers that I gave them with an outrageous currency conversion cost.
    Then visa and pay pal take %2.5 of every sale for doing nothing. It's frustrating knowing crypto is there, I can smell it but can't taste it.
    I think ripple will eliminate banks as we know them, they're scrambling to be apart of a net or corridor, most will die, good riddance. The small traditional banks have no idea what's about to hit them.
    Join the internet 3.0 revolution at beta Feb 14th launches EOSIO and XRP all the way

  2. THIS IS HUGE!! I am in and out of Mexico and have been for over 10 years and I can tell you that EVERY SINGLE PERSON I know in Mexico uses WhatsApp. In fact they would rather use WA than regular text services. This will be the equivalent of Wechat and Alipay in Asia. I can’t even express how big this is. I will keep you post from here in Mexico as I encounter people who use this service! WOW.

  3. If Ripple burns an equal amount of what Jed dumps it can soften the blow this will have on the price of xrp. If Jed does massive dumps along with Ripple's 500 million twice a month we are in for a shit show

  4. I was wondering about what affect there would be when Mcaleb started selling or whatever he is going to do with his portion of XRP. I'm also waiting for what is supposed to happen with the Mt.Gox BTC payout as well. Just have to wait and see. Great show as always! Thanks!

  5. If Jeb was smart he would HODL like the rest of us after the contract expires. The agreement probably states that that he has to sell so much by the end of 2020. After that he can do with it what he pleases. I imagine he hodls.

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