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Ripple XRP: Why Did OCC Nominee Hide Her 1989 Marxist Paper? Is The World Economic Forum Involved? 🤔

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. WMC, every single day, more and more, we are uncovering piece of evidence after piece of evidence, of a global elite-controlled plan. All these people in all these places, with all these coincidental paths crossing, hmmmm…I think this whole plan is way bigger than just using XRP, or crypto period. This may sound like a wild and crazy theory…but im starting to wonder if this isn't a very old plan that was just waiting around for the tools and tech to develop, that would allow its execution. What if this is a 200 year old plan that they decided they would enact when a crypto-like tech came along. It's not crazy to think they envisioned things like computers and smartphones, even though they didn't have them. We make movies about light speed travel…and theres a definite possibility we might have that in 200 years. And these elite groups are extremely cultish and ritualistic and all that…meaning they really believe the ideology is bigger than them….therefore being willing to contribute to a plan that won't be enacted in their own lifetime. It could really be a thing lol.

    Then again…I might maybe also be just a little bit high right now 🤷‍♂️

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  3. The retail investors is not getting the best execution on the market, in my opinion the sec is aware of the current status of what's happening. Everything is sequential, until the green light is given, godspeed to you all.

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