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Ripple XRP: Why Did Ripple Announce The SEC’s Lawsuit First & Will This Affect XRP Specifically?

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  2. lol it was announced so people will sell those gains from 14c to 60-70c knowing that xrp investors will rebuy back. now the IRS has some people to chase for those capital gains. this is what they been doing to ethereum and bitcoin. the SEC just doesnt have anyone to bully. next after this will probably other altcoins so they can get rid of it and the whole money can just flow to the major 10 crypto currency.

  3. Finally good news in 2020 , XRP at an extreme discount, this will never happen again, here is your chance for the average person to buy sacks full

  4. I'm always shocked at how many people in the crypto community are clueless to the fact that Biden has not been elected President, the only people to declare Biden the winner has been mainstream news, big tech, and the entertainment industry, the official US elections board, a few weeks back came out and said no winner has been determined in the presidential race, the Supreme Court also released their own statement clarifying no winner has been determined for the US Presidency, add on top of that the thousands of poll workers both Democrats and Republicans who have come forward and testified under oath they witnessed voter fraud, these testimonials are available to watch online, come on crypto community, supposedly we pride our selves on not being part of the brainwashed sheeple, sure maybe many of us are ahead of the curve in crypto, but beyond that I mostly call Bull💩💩💩💩 Anyone who thinks Biden has been elected and will be better for crypto and America as a whole, is not paying attention, and will be completely blindsided when they realize Trump is still our President 😅🤣😂 you all drive me fucking crazy 😜 pay more attention you fucks are countries future and survival is on the line

  5. I have a bag or two packed full of XRP. I see the utility and I agree the underlying technology is superior than others on the space.

    HOWEVER 🤔🧐

    Why is no one asking about the claim about "wash volume" – someone please kindly tell me what is all that about – did L&G mention publicly they asked their clients to push the price around.

    I mean XRP does $B in transactions a day or is that all 🐎 💩 you're telling me?

    Volume spoofing is where L & G needs to own up too. I guess we all find out in 53 months – that's about how long the XRP escrow has left to bleed – and that's about the average length of an SEC lawsuit- coincidence.

    So we all just ignore the accusation and dare not read the lawsuit? I mean its mentioned only about 2 or 3 dozen times in the 71 page document.

    Or we just going to keep staring at charts we are not trading?
    (Copy and pasted to a few places)

  6. What I find most intriguing is brad threatening to leave usa, them they say clarity in 6 to 8 weeks then they have this flare drop to see who has what, then Brad says he's getting sued ….👽😵

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