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Ripple XRP: Why Doesn’t Mark Yusko Think XRP Is Worthy For His Crypto Index Fund?

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Ledger Nano X - The secure hardware wallet
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  1. Somebody help me please
    I sent most of my Xrp (15,000) from bitstamp to coinbase
    Need to cash out because coronavirus I m only working part time
    Never received them because I used wrong tag…
    Do you think I can get them
    Bitstamp told me to call coinbase
    Because they received them
    Coinbase is not answering…

  2. What digital asset OTHER than XRP is currently being used for any legitimate purposes? I get all the FUD from competing crypto projects but which others are currently actually being used in business? I know I know BTC can be used for certain transactions but which others?

  3. I am Dinjin on Tradingview. I have hundreds of Highly accurate predictive charts posted there. The next big move in XRP will start in the second half of April of next year and will last until January of 2022.

  4. Why doesn't he think XRP is Worthy for his Crypto Index Fund?
    Because he is smart!
    XRP is for the fools who only see what they want to see. No one pays attention to ODL (the only measurable metric of XRP) which is still crap and insignificant. If XRP was so darn good, why no one with any brains wants to invest in it?

  5. I believe all the big players like Morgan Creek Capital do fully understand XRP. This is the best answer I have heard so far from Mark. I believe he said companies that are closely held can control price.

  6. Dude quoting a YouTuber that is quoting another YouTuber and you being a YouTuber yourself doesn't mean that that's research, you literally just said that the article you were about to show everyone was good news that would make it where you feel confident about your investment and then all you did was just adding to the circle of xrp YouTubers. You guys are all going to end up getting sued oh, and your little this is for entertainment only I'm not a financial investor statements in your videos are not going to save your ass I guarantee it

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