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Ripple XRP: Why Is DOGE Up +100% While Market Flat & Berger/Hinman SEC Connection Stifling XRP

Daily XRP News

This video is made by Working Money Channel.Follow him on Youtube**** This video is not meant to be as financial advice. Always do your own research and if needed consult with a financial advisor. Videos in DailyXrpnews are made by XRP community members and these are for education and entertainment purposes only. ****If you need help how to get started with cryptocurrencies then check out tutorials Always keep your crypto safe. -> Learn moreBest places to trade crypto & get free XRP -> Start todayLedger Nano X - The secure hardware wallet

Daily XRP News
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  3. Why you ask? Because the central planners want retail out of XRP, and into bullshit coins that have no utility.

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