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Ripple XRP: Why Would The SEC Sue Ripple If The U.S. Government Registered These Websites In 2005?

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Would it not be funny if the bitcoin Maxi bimbos found out who the real father was like Luke in Star Wars? Their real daddy is the government that’s why Satoshi’s his identity will never be revealed. They couldn’t take it they would all go crazy when they found out their daddy was the Darkside personified.

  2. Blaming the chinese seems to be the easiest way for the US government to do what ever they want all in the best interest of themselves I mean America!!

  3. Doesn't anyone remember that the NSA and the CIA stated that they can hack a system and make it look like someone else did it. Blaming China, Russia or someone else needs to be taken with a grain of salt. Now that Klaus Schwab has opened his mouth, it is clear that there is an agenda at play and the most probable suspects are the alphabet agencies. Not saying that China didn't do it but I do not trust the NSA or the CIA as they have proven themselves to be anything but trust worthy.

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  6. Any idea why every rally that XRP has ever had against BTC have failed and dumped back to where it started? The chart looks like a pump and dump coin. I don't think any of the XRP holders have faith in their own coin. They just want to dump it as soon as they make profit. Just look at the XRP chart compared to every other coin, it is not normal to have a pump and get a retrace back to where it started every single time.

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