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Ripple XRP: Will Asian Retail FOMO & Market Conditions Likely Boost XRP Price Higher?

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. What's well…
    1.00 dollar? 2 dollars? There will not be a next Bitcoin. Not in our lifetime that is. 2011 Bitcoin to now has bitch slapped every dn coin imaginable and did it while being less of a technology.

  2. XRP will not run in this bullrun. It's been surprised far too long and the damn case has yet to even begin. Any negative news will tank the coin again. Good news doesnt do shit for price

  3. RE: Pro Trader:

    This is the outcome for Ripple in the upcoming days.."my gift to my XRP community members. $$$
    >Elliot wave D will hit target at .42-.45 by huge pump, this will draw interest, so if your not holding, DO NOT BUY- too late sorry!
    >Elliot wave E will immediately dump in 5 red candles consecutively and paired with BTC at .15-.10 area-This will panic people, but if you sold at .43 you'll be buying back in with your moon ticket
    >New Wave A, uptrend reversal will come in at .15-10 are,,,,, buy in and sit back for blast off…. you should have x3 your bags of XRP "sit back and wait for the great reset"

    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Dont forget about major gainz with cryto on NASDAQ Riot, MGTI– I pair these when BTC pumps $$$$$<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    I do not have a channel, nor care about fame, I've been an active WS Trader for 26+yrs- My present to you holders 🙂
    >>Much appreciation to anyone who listens to my advice, a tip would be greatly appreciated, ONLY XRP :)<<>> Tip my wallet after you 3x your positions and if you want additional knowledge in trades, just ask.. and Ill give you my analytical perspective,

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