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Ripple XRP Will Be A CNBC Favorite This Time

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Daily XRP News
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  1. OK XRP & Ripple Community, here is some big news that is positive for Ripple and XRP: Just learned today about Ariba Pay. AribaPay is a cloud-based B2B payables solution that combines electronic payments with comprehensive remittance data. Powered by SAP and Discover® Global Network, AribaPay helps corporations improve payables efficiency and facilitates transparent, timely communications between buyers and suppliers. The partnership between Ariba Pay and Discover has 42,000 clients globally while Swift has only 11,000 clients. Swift is the enterprise that moves 1/2 trillion dollars or more per day between international clients. Ariba Pay is the company testing Ripple XRP. The Federal Reserve cryptocurrency task force leader has endorsed Ripple. Ripple is gaining major clients routinely now. I listened to a debate between Ripples CEO and GDAX CEO on YouTube a while back. Ripple is saying that it can move funds in real time right now without the use of Nostro Accounts. Nostro Accounts are accounts that banks open in foreign currency in another bank to facilitate international trades. Ripple just signed PNC Bank which has 8,000,000 customers. PNC is already using Ripple to move customer funds in real time using Ripple X-Current. I just listened to a concession speech by a Bitcoin  libertarian known by his followers as "Bitcoin Ben" admitting that he just discovered the master plan of the world corporate community and that the cryptocurrencies slated for international corporate use are Ripple-XRP, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic and Litecoin. These four cryptos will not necessarily displace Bitcoin. However, the CEO of GDAX said in the debate that it is not yet known whether BTC or BCH will dominate in that top position. This may be the XRP calm before the FOMO XRP storm. The XRP/GDAX debate was not connected to the concession video by Bitcoin Ben on YouTube.

  2. Isn't this xrp scam coin down 95% from Ath? Don't think it can't go another 95%…it can be 1 cent then .001 cent lol

    Bakkt is buying bitcoin not some scam xrp .sure you can use xrp to buy more btc which has value.but then again,you can go gambling and if you win buy fact there's bigger chance to win gambling then with xrp

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