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Ripple XRP Will Be Used By Banks Worldwide! XRP Bridge Asset

Daily XRP News

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Ripple XRP partnerships continue to grow everyday! WE ARE EARLY!

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Lol they been saying Xrp will be use.. this is definitely a scam.. don’t be stupid Xrp army.. you guys are so naive and stupid .. I can’t wait till all of you idiots lose everything..

  2. Mass adoption and mass utility is and will continue to grow slowly. Global stock markets trading/investing activity is another factor to keep in mind. The exchanges are certainly interested in the transaction speed, liquidity, and money savings, Ripple XRP and other products can deliver. Further, the very size of some of their markets will require repeated XRP usage in high volume(s). Let us not forget the "burn rate" built into the XRP transactions.

    ALL financial institutions appreciate stability, because it facilitates trust. I've heard comments from other channels that the IMF may be considering XRP as a world reserve currency. Fair enough, but I'll believe it after it happens. Not doubting the possibility, BUT if XRP is being considered for such, I guarantee you other similar performing digital assets are being reviewed as well. I'm certain the IMF wants to ensure that the design and architecture of a new system has a rock solid platform, and other digital assets pathways to distribute monies.

    The HODL period is long term folks.

  3. Looks like banks are now working on their own solutions for remittance. FaceCoin will also be used for that purpose, especially in the Asian sphere. I think this is being reflected in XRP's stagnant price while other alts are gaining. I'm thinking of selling my XRP.

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