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Ripple XRP Will Rise On Investor Belief In Future Events

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News


  1. I got a call from someone who said they were with CoinBase and wanted me install TeamViewer so they can fix my account or my account would be closed. I told him blow me!

  2. like how we all have been listening to you since may , with videos titled about missing the train and all , every single title and speech is super over hyped , not only does nothing happen but the price goes down. im all for xrp and im all for holding and patients but man i think you can be more realistic . you know people for some reason are all over your videos. you make valid points , but dont drive home the SOON bullshit man . because alot of people might feel a sense of urgency to invest because your an honest sounding guy . im telling you I did and im sure im not the only one , you know i know you hold ripple high and so do i . i didnt even watch this video . because ive been listening to you for 9 months i already know whats up PLEASE change your style of hype . I dont even know if you give a shit about your people that listen to you. DO you even read the comments anymore? If you dont respond ill know the answer. your probably too busy pumping out videos and getting that comishhh on the nano ledger S. if anybody else reads this and knows how to tag DAI please tag him here. THIS POST IS NOT FOR ME ITS BECAUSE I CARE ABOUT THE OTHER PEOPLE THAT MIGHT MAKE RASH CHOICES BASED ON THE HYPE LEVEL OF THIS MANS VIDEOS

  3. Glad to see the comment of rise not tied only to the value/utility. If that were the only truth in stocks then they would be 1:1 (P/E). Yet some excellent long paying and growth stocks trade at P/E of 40+! It has a “what is believed” factor and XRP is just warming up to utility value with function and belief to come😊

  4. I don't see how the crypto market will be much different than the current Wall Street market in the long run. Assimilate, manipulate, repeat. It was done to asset classes of the past, it's being done to this new class, and it will be done again should there be another in the future. Just glad to be in at the beginning. And I don't think I'd escrow my future, or my children's future with something without a track record.

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