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Ripple XRP: Will SBI Holdings Be The Biggest Non-Crypto Company To Enter The Space?

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  1. "I'm technically a millenial." Lol, yeah, being born right on the line is a weird thing. I like to call myself a millenial because it makes me feel younger…but who am I kidding at 35? Lol, The definition I've seen says 1984 to 2000-something and i was born in 84 so I'm claiming it damnit! Too many comments I know, but I truly do love the channel and maybe it's because a guy who thinks like me at around the same age is giving me amazing news rounds ups and opinions. Keep up the great work man, and as long as you do, I'll be watching every day.

  2. I mean Pomp does know Ripple founders hold a major amount of XRP right? Why anyone would think they dont care if its value goes up, I have no idea. I mean, if I held 20% of the supply of a digital asset, I'd probably make sure my company's #1 priority is trying to raise its utility and therefore value…but what do I know? I'm just a joe schmo 9 to 5er who invests in invisible money lol. These Bitcoin maxis are too funny. Its over… let it go and enjoy the money you made, you idiots.

  3. Vechain is my new XRP. Oh, I'm still invested in XRP, still believe in it and Ripple, and plan on holding for 5 to 10 more years if needed… but Vechain is my new version that I'm accumulating as well. Both projects are going to completely change the world within the next decade and I'm happily invested in both. Digital Asset Investor just did an interview with Sunny Lu that you should definitely watch. He is a smart guy and reminds me a lot of Brad Garlinghouse. I feel like both projects have strong use cases with great leadership and teams behind them. I can't wait to see what they do over the next few years. I also saw a company is tying gold to the blockchain finally so you can actually have proof of ownership instead of just investing blindly into an ETF, which is great.

  4. Sounds like SBI is smart. Why wouldnt you get to the top, early, in the obvious industry of the future? They are gonna become even more of a super conglomerate if they continue this pace.

  5. Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Mexico, Australia, Phillipines already have favourable and clear regulations for crypto, Ripple execs trying to put the blame on the US for their incompetence and failure is ludicrous. Many of the Banks in Ripplenet in these very same jurisdictions do business with each other so why hasn't a single one or two adopted XRP for ODL? Could it be because they are not dumb enough to believe holding an asset that Ripple will further dump on you is a good investment?

    Practically everyone (outside the XRP army) agrees investing in Ripple is a good investment vs XRP which has already proved to be a terrible one for 100% of holders.

    To answer Pomps question why people hold XRP? it's because FOMO, they see the pump from 2017 and their stupidity disguised as greed and DYOR makes them believe they gotta hold no matter how low price goes or how much money they loose because at any time XRP is going to blast off once again and make them rich. Forget ADA, VET, LINK, CEL and other coins were you will be able to earn money through staking are already the new norm.

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