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Ripple XRP: Will The Bitcoin Surge Keep Going? & Ripple Partnered Polysign Receives Federal Loan

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  1. The man who STARTED Quantum computers is Geordie Rose (how many of you knew this?)
    and HE SAYS they are for contacting entities from the "other side" (he calls them the ancient ones) I call them DEVILS.
    They are NOT used for "cracking crypto" so when you read or hear about uses OTHER THAN what it really is for, (a glorified electronic ouija board ) you are BEING DECEIVED

  2. People were made fun of for supporting Ebay, Amazon, and Netflix for YEARS before they became successful. Don't listen to the mob of naysayers! You're going to make it!

  3. My dollar cost average for XRP is $0.34. I haven't been able to buy more for months, but hopefully very soon will be able to buy more before this pump really takes off. I'd also really link to get in on VET and LINK as I feel like I missed those when they were lower. I made mistakes over the past 2+ years doing this and regret some of my decisions, but I do think that my decision to hold XRP long term won't be one of my regrets.

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