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Ripple XRP: Will The Cryptocurrency Market Finally Top In Q3 2022?

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  2. That Top Formation with a Dip and rebound to Trick the Newbies is called a "1-2-3 Top Formation" That and "1-2-3 Bottom Formations" are the Secrets to Chart investing. The 52 week High is "1". Then the Dip is a "2". The rise to the Newbie Point is called a "3". Then as is drops you Short as it Passes the "2" point. Put your Stoploss at an acceptable level above and ride it down or Up Depending on if it is a Top or Bottom. Your Stoploss is triggered and you have Profit. Newbies…… No, Just ignorance which is not stupidity only a lack of Knowledge. Knowledge is Power….

  3. Out Flow from Ethereum? What is the Gas fee to Dump Ethereum and Jump into a less Gassy Crypto? 20% of your investment?
    I know I have just finished a comment, but it has been a long day, Wine and catching up on the Day's XRP information.
    SEC IG quits,
    Gary trying everything to be important in the World.
    A Squeeze Play by Ripple and the SEC (Ripple showing viability overseas and the SEC trying to cut out us retail owners).
    Politicians too slow to act for fear of loss of their jobs. What do they have to worry? Just look at how rich they got screwing us over while in office. And we take it….
    Yeah, we took it.
    I can't sit down from the taking….

  4. The lawsuit end date does not matter. XRP is already in place and gone live over seas. If SEC wins or loses they loose and USA will loose reserve currency status anyways. The plan has been implemented and has gone live already and will pick up speed. Regardless the FED will be taken down eventually lose control.

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