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Ripple XRP: Will The Economy Collapse In Q4 2019 And Could That Boost The Use Case & Price Of XRP?

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This video is made by Working Money Channel.

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Daily XRP News
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  1. WARNING TO ALL. This is @Digital Asset Investor’s address below: r95N9HyQx7veLkqgYR3s5bM3EFZHaREZ7C

    DO NOT ever send crypto to this address! It’s a SCAM. He’s scamming people into sending XRP to this address. My team and I are tracking him down and I’m filing a lawsuit as well. I will post updates as we succeed.

  2. Let me save you some time from watching the whole video.First, excuses for XRP poor performance (which somehow translates to buying opportunity).Secondly, regurgitation of charts and info from some analysts who didn't predict yesterdays' crash. (again, more buying opportunity).Libra coming out.XRP will make you  rich. In reality, XRP is now $0.24Now let me save you some time from reading all the comments from folks who disregard all facts and make their financial future decisions from watching youtube videos. My only advice for investors and new bees is to take advantage of Mr Joseph Hill program, a pro trader who’s is helping investors accumulate more bitcoin through his amazing trading strategy, with his program I went from having 1.3btc to 6btc in just 3weeks. You can reach him on email  Josehill293@ gmail . com or Telegram_Josehill293 Whatsapp+19413631471  "YAAAAY, more buying opportunity"

  3. Looking at the amount of dollars pushed into the market by the Fed this month alone, thereby pushing the public dept further to the abyss makes me wonder…people at the Government and banks must be starting to scramble now to really get XRP corridors up and running to solve thi liquidity crisis…! Therefore, my bet is, it won’t be too long before the well-kept mystery of escrow pre-allocated among institutions will,pop. Then, all of a sudden, investors will realize how it has developed while being heavily undervalued all that time. It will be the moment when both utility and rarity of XRP will govern the price…But this is just my very own gut feeling there.

  4. At this point we have gone through Riddles, Cartoon bears, 589, Gold back XRP, XRP the Standard, +200 banks, SBI, The IMF, Whale manipulation, Coin Marketcap and given nothing seem to work we move on to the next big thing "Economic Collapse" because during economic collapses banks absolutely "love to lend out money", they will surely happily give it to Ripple for all the XRP they can get ahold of so they can trade it amongst themselves, Lucky for us when this happens we are in the clear cause we bough at dirt cheap 0.30 and will be able to sell for 100's/XRP. I feel so blessed.

  5. They use Crisis because then people panic and have fear and will then support anything they say. Study up on False Flags and their history of usage. It's nice to be on the profitable side for a change. Be the Goat not one of the sheep.

  6. I personally feel the price of XRP is being suppressed. I don't think the institutions/banks want to see XRP move up before they're all ready and accumulated all the XRP they want; This is why I believe Coinbase haven't listed it yet. Coinbase know if they list XRP, the price WILL sky-rocket to the upside. Coinbase's customers (the ones they actually care about) are the banks/institutions, and they will want to keep them happy.. BUT I believe XRP will be listed THIS WEEK, hence why i've brought my last batch of XRP. All this being said, XRP is the coin of the future and would gain as much prominence and value as when bitcoin started over a decade ago. The time is right to accumulate by buying a really big bag of not less than 170,000 xrp and holding it or buying a lesser amount and trading to grow it which is what I did but with help using Desmond Sydney's trading strategies. I bought just 30,000 xrp and with his accurate trade signals and other adjoined assistance, I grew my portfolio to over 200% in less than 2 weeks with his patterns. Desmond can be reached by telegram/whatsapp, +44 7723506502 and other top traders should emulate in assisting others in the cryptocurrency space.

  7. Short answer is a big fat NO! XRP is massively over produced with 100 billion which makes it junk status. Bitcoin has 21 mil Litecoin 84 mill and Nano 133 million. These are asset coins because they are low volume. A billion is 1000x a million and when it’s a 100 billion you really must realise that it is absolute dogshit! Secondly XRP is not an asset and it’s use is cross border transaction to change fiat into crypto to send but the problem is you will always sell it again to turn it into fiat inna cross border transaction to somebodies account and it just goes around like this with way more of them in circulation than you ever need. Add to that s superior coin like Nano is faster and absolutely free and has a circulation of just 133 million why would anybody use XRP? It’s a scam bankers coin. Wake the fuck up you fucking imbeciles! It’s worthless

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