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Ripple XRP: Will The XRPL Be For EVERYONE Holding XRP Or Divided? David Schwartz Tweet Examined

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Daily XRP News
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  1. He sure talked favorable in one video and seemed slightly contradictory in the next. However I didn't take his video about Ripple not being dominant as completely negative. I simply think he should do a bit more research is all. Thankfully for us HODLERS Ripple is doing much more than cross border anyways. That was their starting point. And like Cage points out often, if we can tap into even a small percentage of cross border say ten to twenty percent that would still be very GOOD for XRP price. I think we will definitely take a big chunk, but I see Faisal's point too. Probably won't be the ONLY one in this space. BUT we are WAY ahead of the rest AND Swift for that matter.

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  3. I have to agree with him. Ripple may be the largest but it won’t be the only one. He’s also realistic about news and price. I highly doubt xrp ever gets above $100. And that’s in another 5-10yrs. $8-12 this cycle

  4. This guy (Faisal Khan) absolutely doesn't know what he's talking about… XRP is not to be compared to Netscape or Yahoo; But rather to Microsoft, Google, and Amazon.

    For someone with years of "experience" in the remittance space, Faisal Khans lack of insight and foresight here, is remarkable!

    SWIFT(Not XRP!) is the "Netscape", in this scenario!

    XRP is legitimately the new BEST method for executing Cross-Border settlements; And
    as its' utility continues to prove itself, all competitors (including SWIFT) will be forced to adopt it, and/or work out some sort of collaborative partnership to remain relevant and viable.

    …The squeeze is already on; and XRPs grip is only getting tighter as the time progresses.
    Just like Microsoft in the 90s; XRP/RippleNet will have %90-%100 Market Share.

  5. CB's fund SWIFT's very exsistance.
    Will they keep them for messaging?
    Absolutely not.
    Bricks alone have made SWIFT irrelevant.
    Critical thinking.

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