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Ripple XRP: Will There Be Enough Liquidity To Sell 30k XRP At $5? David Schwartz & Galgitron Debate

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. A very stupid question regarding liquidating at $5. Any stock or token only reaches its spot price because that's how much fiat money that's been injected into that particular stock or token. OMG, lol

  2. Alright, let's try this. I think it is going to go down for the medium to short term. First of all bitcoins value is it's a story and its programming. It was made for a time like this. But! If I would be one of the big players and I wanted to use bitcoin as a hedge against inflation/dollar crash, I would first be interested in lower prices. Therefore I would be amazed about all this fresh money in the market that is easily screwable and bet against bitcoin only to be able to buy at a lower level. shake the idiots out and then start fresh, I believe Bitcoin investment is a profitable business, have been investing in bitcoin mining for while be I was introduced to bitcoin trading. I made a profit of 5btc from my investment, connecting with Mr. Momodou on WhatsApp has been a blessing to me. He gave me a working strategy that lets me win consistently… I advise traders who are looking for a good winning streak should contact Momodou for information via Whatsapp; +1(720)204-3544 or Telegram @momodou26

  3. Let wait and see when XRP is going to be 5usd . Base on my trading platform Binance at peak time an order of buy or sell is more than 30 k . I think maybe he is hinting at 30usd/ xrp

  4. I'm not selling any xrp below $589 but if I really needed money I'll sell my eths and btcs first or unless dogecoin moons then I'll be good shape lol

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