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Ripple XRP: Will We Not See Higher XRP Prices Until More Verticals Are Achieved?

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Maybe intermex does not want to "hurt" its mexico connections with older partners, for e new tech they are testing. When it would be bad tech, they offended their partners and look stupid. If the other corridors are succesful maybe intermex will use it after that.

  2. I grabbed a couple hundred out of the ATM. I don’t really use cash. I buy things with credit cards. I use PayPal, Venmo and other stuff I’m still learning. My pension is direct deposited and people pay me with checks and I deposit them with my phone. So maybe I’m missing something but I don’t have much in my credit union. I have home equity loan, car loans and line of credit. I don’t see a run on the banks, and if people do then they will print money until the fear and panic is over. Now my Roth IRA has been butchered but I don’t have that much in there percentage wise of my portfolio. My crypto portfolio has been butchered also but I have grown used to the fluctuations and buy on dips and sell on rallies. I worry more about inflation and a hosing market crash but I’m not planning on moving anyway. I know many people are being hurt financially and more importantly people are dying. These are truly difficult and fearful times. Good luck to everyone. Health is more valuable than riches.

  3. Money Gram has been losing money with XRP and Ripple is compensating for the losses . Ripple only tells you how it saves money for senders but business like Moneygram have overheads and they can not survive without charging enough commission . Moneygram stock price hit all time low few days ago . Ripple will have to put more and more money into money losing Moneygram and you XRP holders will be paying for it .

  4. Currently XRP utility has close to zero value and the scale that would require to increase price is very high . Current price is high enough to do all the transaction need in remittance market . Thanks to 100 billion XRP total supply and there won't be any scarcity . XRP may be very successful without having any significant effect on the price of XRP . Higher price is not needed unless XRP is going to do $100 billion or more per day in transaction volume . That is why it is still hanging around 15 cents which is many times utility value.

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