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Ripple XRP: Will XRP Be Useful Or Not In A Recession? Analysis

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  1. What do you “all” think about xrp’s price? Will it go down or up in the next couple of months? It’s cheap. Will it get cheaper? Should one hold on to buy until it hits a cheaper price point? This seems like a good price now.

  2. I use XRP to buy and sell all the time. I've bought a lot of silver using it. Much faster transaction speed. The peace of mind is huge. Nothing worse than waiting 30-60 minutes for a bitcoin transaction to clear.

  3. With bitcoin, where there is potentially a drop as experienced lately, it should be seen as a potential to buy. The current correction, in reality, is long overdue and should be seen as a thing of joy as the dump is very temporary and also provides a unique time to grow your portfolio. As far as this current dump is concerned. The simple truth to make a profit from bitcoin isn't by hodling and waiting for the price to go up, but by trading daily with dedicated signals from reputable crypto experts. Don't be discouraged despite the hate talks about btc lately, I'm still investing and steadily cashing out with confidence because I trade daily with accurate signals offered by Morris Pierce. A crypto expert that has been recommended by long term traders in the crypto community. His signals are so accurate and they help you determine the next market move, like when to buy and when to sell. trading with Billy Thompson signals really changed my perspective about bitcoin because why everyone was complaining and scared, I watched my portfolio grow from $25k to $90k in the space of two weeks. You can easily reach Mr. Morris on (Telegram @Morrispierce ) for further assistance on trade signals.

  4. Man just say it..if these bankers were these pure genius we wouldn't be in the situation we are in..stop saying these guys are so smart..they are not..greedy no. Nobody knows who is going to do fking what..just sit back and watch. XRP hasn't been used because Brad and the boys haven't met their price which is free..that want XRP for free…and as long as we can just print a trillion dollars …why is XRP important. Trust me folks i'm on your side but some thing are obvious and need to be said..

  5. Amended Lawsuit Against Ripple Now Offers Theory That XRP May Not Be a Security
    Sebastian Sinclair
    CoindeskApril 1, 2020, 5:30 AM EDT

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