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Ripple XRP: Will XRP Hodlers Dump Recently Accumulated XRP After The Spark Airdrop?

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Daily XRP News
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  1. I understand how crypto gets its value now as it is traded on open markets. However, will the price of crypto be set in a different manner once it’s regulated? If XRP is really formed to be used by big entities, it feels like we’re holding a currency that’s not supposed to be ours to hold long term. Once major adoption is in place, the big hitters will buy it up to be used by them. Just trying to understand how XRP will be valued (not asking price prediction) once it’s really being used for its real use case.

  2. if you ain't noticed by now how xrp has been moving in unison with the basket while btc has led the way then you ain't been paying attn…. the airdrop is likely not the catalyst for the xrp run… if btc keeps moving around 19k or surpasses the old high and makes a moon move then xrp likely follows ( on fomo or on true fundies ??? ) … the true test of a collapse back to the 20 cent level is likely unlikely imo unless btc drops all of its gains … again imo…. xrp just in with the basket… as for flare/spark…

  3. Yes they will dump their xrp just to get the spark. There is no value rise in xrp. With all the events going on and still there is no price value. How much more when the airdrop is finished. It is not a promising coin. It only rise in value because of the airdrop. And the airdrop is a a tactic to fool people so the value will rise. and the current rise is only a showdown. They will switch to bitcoin. Too much pushing by these paid youtubers.

  4. China is trying to take control of the US, and helped to rig the election for Biden. The future of finance is blockchain and Biden and his team are against it. Blockchain banking systems weren't supposed to be put in place until the end of Trumps 2nd term (3-4 years) but now central banks and governments from all over the world are rushing as fast as they can to go live before Trump is out of office. The G7 met just a few days ago to agree on regs and clarity regarding crypto *currency. Guess who isn't in the G7 committee? China. The communist party knows that if this new banking system is released thier economy will collapse. So what do they do about it? Get deep into the pockets of the democratic party, release a virus that mysteriously only the US is overreacting to, and rig the election. Prove me wrong but first look at the news coming out of the crypto *currency space in the last 3 weeks. Just because China isnt pointing guns at us doesn't mean they are not at war with us. This is a financial war

  5. I enjoy your videos and am a subscriber. In light of the over bearing censorship on YouTube I will be moving over to LBRY. I will be looking out for your channel there.

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