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Ripple XRP XLM IBM Swift Payments Battle Heats Up. BoB Way Thoughts in Comments .XRPL & MicroSoft

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Stellar Challenges Swift, XRP Hits Microsoft Outlook, and Bitcoin Bull Says Crypto Set to Rally

Wietse Wind, the head of Ripple-backed XRPL Labs, is lending his support to a project that brings XRP payments to Microsoft Outlook. Twitter Comments on Instagram Follow me on Twitter
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Daily XRP News
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  1. Please listen….. XLM and XRP are NOT competing . Think about it. This is a brand-new Financial system. Ripple is a member and we'll be using the hyperledger that is owned by IBM. They want you to think that these two teams are somehow battling each other but it seems to me that Microsoft and Apple have both won. Why in the world would the IMs and the World Bank be using xrp but then there is somehow talk about Stellar being a better platform. If anything they are clearly strategizing to rule the entire Financial world . IBM has Watson which means whoever is controlling this entire thing is building it with Quantum proofing in mind. There is a reason why everyone is partnering with hyperledger fabric and their products that they provide. IBM run about 80% of the world's computers and businesses. When you think of that fact you realize the big picture. Just like today's internet runs on IBM the internet of value will also run on IBM. Ripple is not battling IBM they are clearly working directly with them. I would be completely amazed if I am wrong but I have been saying that xlm and xrp are siblings for some time after Jeb received 40 million xrp. For God's sake look at both of their logos and tell me that there is somehow not a relation. Even their ticker symbol has an X in it which doesn't have to connect but I do not understand why Stellar needed an X. People wonder why they do not hear a lot about Stellar lumens and also wonder why the xrp price has been suppressed even though we have been completely saturated with positive news. Whenever I saw Stellar lumens change their logo I knew something big was about to happen. Banks are not going to trust a platform that uses a cartoon rocket as their logo so they just so happen to change it to a solid black logo that looks a lot like xrp with a small Gap in between the lines that look like Saturn. Looks kind of like the small Gap in the X that xrp uses for their logo. If people think that xlm is competition for xrp then it would only be fair to assume that Wan chain could also be competition. And if we said that then we could say that cardano could be competition since they want to help the unbanked. It kind of blows my mind that the majority of the population believes that there has to be competition with all digital asset. Either Bitcoin will be the only one left standing or we will have at least a hundred flourishing digital assets and two of them will be xlm and xrp working side-by-side. In my non-financial opinion I would be buying both of them and avoid being tricked by the competition conversation.

  2. Cmon Ck, u can't tell me all these years Ripple has been doing this they couldn't of used Xcurrent to do the same thing IBM is doing now to just get adoption started??? It took IBM about a year to do!! Ripple was worried about Ripple bottom line. There's no way with all those brains they could of let this happen!! Embarrassing!

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