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Daily XRP News

It became clear that Ripple Ads are advertising on Google, promoting use cases of its own products such as xRapid that uses XRP for liquidity. It’s a way to further spread the company’s products.

Craig Wright in Hot Water.

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Daily XRP News
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  1. I think all investing companies should allow their customers to invest in XRP, AND please answer me this how do you think regulation is going to go for XRP??? I believe XRP is an ASSET… They seem to be dragging their feet on the ruling on cryptos…

  2. Wow. Out of a SIFI movie
    I think I like your channel for the Japan updates more than XRP 😂
    What about the Ripple company selling XRP OTC to companies?
    As long as they are doing that the price will not move.

  3. Sorry bout' your bike Eri. They call it "Stupid Tax" here (No offense meant). Don't worry, the "Stupid Tax Man" is always on the prowl, hiding around every corner, just waiting for us to make a slip up.

    You can count on 3 thing in life… Death, taxes & stupid taxes! LOL

  4. Patience HODLers. We are extremely early to the party. We are the originators!! I believe more retail will enter when the price rises. U know FOMO Is Real. Just wait. Don't believe millennials are buying BTC. Buying BTC with what? XRP 3 is for a $1 they will jump in XRP as FOMO kicks in. XRP Moon Soon (or whenever is good with me) Thanks for the bicycle parking info, it was fascinating.

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