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Ripple XRP xRapid Exchange Partner Taps 60 Countries with Western Union, Jim Cramer & Peter Mallouk

Daily XRP News

New Collaboration Will See Wallet Holders Receive Western Union Transfers. Huge Expansion for Ripple xRapid Partner.

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Crypto Clueless Cramer
    Bitcoin Bumbler Buffet
    Mallouk Missed Mark

    Hi Eri – ignorance and lack of foresight is an unfortunate result of arrogance and ego eccentricity – but, the bigger you get (head space) the more stupid you'll look when humility and hard work was the obvious route all along.

    Great video again! How do you do it?

    Thank you.

  2. That household ledger reminds me of the Bullet Journal folks. I don't know how anyone has the patience for that kind of thing. I'm lucky to write up a grocery list on the back of an envelope lol.

  3. J Cramer is a joke. If you have time and go watch his videos, you will see how many investment predictions he had made wrong. Many and many. You are right about these two individuals having secret agenda, which is to benefit themselves.

  4. I have a feeling that colorful household ledgers are distinctly Japanese. My wife is in charge of the finances at home, and we use My head spins looking at data and endless streams of numbers (I'm a history guy) so I leave that to Mama. She cut me off from buying more xrp. 😢 Thankfully, I met my goal.

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