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Ripplenet is Live! AND Part II: Planning To Be Rich!

Daily XRP News

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You read that right — Ripplenet is now LIVE. It’s been announced.

While this is GREAT news, keep in mind that there is MORE great news to come, folks. And all of this means it’s time to STOP DREAMING AND START PLANNING!

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Deposit Tag: 100853250
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Disclaimer: This video is not financial advice. Any views in this video are for entertainment purposes only and should not be taken as financial advice. Please do your own research and seek financial advice from a professional before making any financial investment.

Daily XRP News


  1. Predictions such as these in this video are not helpful – No one knows what is going to happen
    People need to be smart and careful – Read and make your own judgements

  2. Can anyone help?? I have used uphold.. just a small amount but now there is no way to withdraw as saying I can't withdraw unless I get permission from bank for SEC for euros what the hell.. I thought I had this Sussed now I just wanna cry!!

  3. Can you make a video about how you would invest your profits if you made millions with it? I asked the same question to D.A.I.
    Maybe you can share some good ideas for those of us that don't want Lambos 🙂

  4. I’ve gifted XRP to family/friends before it moons. Two reasons 1. Taxes 2. They get the joy of watching it do it’s thing AND a lot of them have purchased their own on top of what I gave them. This is a long term hold for me. Hoping it’s a fun ride!

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