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Ripple’s Chris Larsen Makes a Full Recovery From COVID-19. XRP Bear Market Record Broken.

This video is made by Alex Cobb.

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  2. Hey Alex, I was curious if you have a discord server? If not I feel like it would be a great idea for your subscribers/followers to communicate with you. I know that I have a lot of questions

  3. Swift will kill xrp..
    They will launch ther own token ..probably exchange based so ther can be liquidity.
    Why should Swift and banks chose a token witch Brad and Chris and some few more people owns billions of in ther privat ledger.
    I Think if Brad belives that..he is so greedy that he got blind of the greed.

  4. Just realized that the mask that Chris Larsen is wearing will protect himself from others but not others from him. It has valve that closes as you breathe in but opens as you breathe out. Maybe it's an oversight by medical personnel or the clue that this story is not as it seems.

  5. I hope people realise that respirator is not the ideal choice to protect others. It will work to protect you from inhaling vapour droplets from others. It will not stop all your Covid-19 vapour droplets from infecting others. That little plastic box on the front of the respirator houses an exhalation valve. All exhaled gas bypasses the filtration process and exits the valve, infecting others. This valve is forced closed when you inhale.

    Just FYI

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