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Ripple’s Core Value Still Lies In XRP. Therefore If Ripple Is Valuable, XRP Is Valuable.

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. funny you saying that about them selling,
    and there are four biggish drops (looked at 4hr)of the price in xrp price in between those dates to. So is that how they keeping price down by pumping… xAmout=xrp back into the market??

  2. elections are coming, guess who's going to bring the 'great solution' of the financial crisis out there, do i need to write it down or drawn a picture?

  3. More like 22 more years. Like investing in Amazon back in 2002. It's 2020 and it will be long people. This asset will not rise fast. It will be used, it will be kept low for banks and high wealth investors to buy millions cheaply and use it cheaply

  4. Really, this flat earther thing is crazy but it doesn't mean that some of what he says isn't correct but dissecting it is the issue

  5. DO NOT BUY any crypto from an exchange called Systemkoin, they will not advise you of KYC at deposit and then you won't pass KYC and there goes your crypto.

  6. GEEZ! the email mentioned around 12:40 is related to a fraudulent letter that was circulating trying to scam people out of cash. If you search news and articles on for "currency reset" several articles pop up regarding this scam. The PDF must be an example of the letters people were receiving.

  7. 11:03 "he said XRP is a gold back token which clearly isn't true". Clearly to Seems very possible to me with all the big names/institutions/banks/countries partnership especially with recent news. 11:35 "I don't have insider knowledge or can't back this claim". Funny you're quick to say it isn't true though. 13:50 – Makes a speech about questioning things and not having 100% opinion.. I'm done lmao

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