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Roger Stone ARRESTED – Trump Opens Government To School The Dems!

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Daily XRP News
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  1. you should move to a warmer climate Joshie, Phoenix is nice right now low 70's in the daytime & low 40's at night no snow or ice you might like it…as always thank you for your awesome videos

  2. Keep fighting the good fight! I'm glad to see like minded individuals who are willing to speak out. The scales will eventually tip our way😎 keep up the good work my man 👍🏼

  3. When President Trump announces the National Emergency in 3 weeks (if he lives that long), he should announce the shutdown of the Mueller investigation as well.

  4. Mueller is a thug and shows you how small this man is. I worked for a guy (Supervisor) at ABC as an Investigator, he always put us in situations that could have gotten us killed in our “take downs”. Then had the audacity to beg me when we busted doors to cover his ass, what a coward like Mueller. That is why I declined to work for his agency (FBI ) I liked to taunt him when we went in with the “door rammer”, he’d be shaking and wet himself and he was a Supervisor, I told him “John I got you covered, stop worrying I know my job, but your probably going to get a 20 round burst in the chest to see his reaction”. A real “leaning tower of jelly”. We’d sit around the coffee table in the State Building on Monday morning reminiscing how close to us getting hurt or killed it almost came the other night on a “bust” the guy making bad decisions over our lives. The agencies are like a sewer “all the shit rises to the top”. I never regretted leaving.

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