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Ryan Zagone and IMF Exciting Statements!! Ripple Confirms New Corridors!!!! XRP Is Not a Security.

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Alex, the coin chart you are ragging on might be correct at the time it was snapped. It looks to me it was ordered by Direct Volume 24H. You can order most of these Coin charts by whatever field you like displayed.

    That rant made you really look like an XRP shrill. You are better than that.

  2. The guy questioning if you are having simply because of XRP not being listed is simply a dumb shit idiot. Hell, the movie sucked so bad I'm happy as hell they never mentioned XRP. THE PLOT = Stupid

  3. Maybe not Ripple, but some entity obviously has an interest in seeing the price of XRP go horizontal. There is no possible way the rest of the market that is comprised of utilityless coins can pop up and down like whack-a-mole while XRP coasts smoothe as a babies ass. And I would bet my entire stash that Brad and David at Ripple know exactly what is going on.

    We all know the IMF, Federal reserve, even White House have been having talks with Ripple and many major institutions are signing up on RippleNet. And until they're all set up with ripple and all the XRP is distributed, I'm sure there's a need to keep the price from spiking up before they're ready. And there's an obvious media blackout on mentioning the name Ripple/XRP as well. It's all a coordinated effort to keep XRP out of the spotlight and to keep retail investors from fomoimg into XRP until the powers that be are ready.

    BTC is the distraction and XRP is their ultimate prize. There is no other way to explain it and if you think financial players are above market manipulation, then you haven't been paying attention.

  4. Alex. Please never stop.. You are young and its really amazing how factually you show information… Nothings 100% but you sure got so close to where its hard to say your info is 100% or close. Either way its amazing.. You help me with my own thought 100% so i hope you keep up with this mission to the end… Ill always listen even after its all said and done. You are pretty smart good sir.

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