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Same Guy Who Used AI Tech To Predict Accurate Market Reversals Lends Credibility To WEF & XRP

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  1. love the central messages you put up in this platform, crypto currency as we have seen in our today reality continue to offer up lots of opportunity to those enlightened and smart enough to make needed moves. Personally, from careful observation of crypto trends, its obvious that just few years from now top cryptos like BTC, ETH and the likes would be the chief stock for exchange in the market, trading wasnt really my thing initially, seeing my friends making minimal gains from their inexperience trading sessions. Things change when i got connected with renouned trade analyst Mr Bryant Miller, he is definately a big player in crypto trading, been copying his signals for a while now, the success rate is very impressive, i belive if one is to earn from trading he should be earning big not petty sums Mr Bryant offers just that. he can be He can be reached on telgam ( @bryantmillertrade ) and whtpp (+12532317125 ) for all crypto related inquiries.

  2. "The Great Reset 2022" is merely the title that will be used to mark this yet another "mass human energy movement" when writing about it in THEIR history books.
    People, I beg you to let yourselves be okay with knowing that this "reset" is happening now. It takes a couple decades of thousands of actions to start a new self perpetuating social practice…which happens only AFTER having been in the planning stages for who knows how many decades.
    So don't just listen to the various reports about "it's coming" and then promise yourself you will do some things about it when they announce it (new social practices are only solidly claimed after the fact).
    And another major mind-sleeper is this:
    The "Great Reset" event is not about the average citizen (since we don't control the currencies systems). This is entirely about the system whales "moving their chess pieces" to the next spot…in this case, "birthing" controlled A.I.'s as systems operators. The way they are doing, what they are doing is a damn mess. Yet it only involves us little folk when it comes to 'will we be getting some currencies for use?' (which for us is everything; I know). 😞
    Yes. We are caught up in this mess with them, however, we still have to live our little lives as well as we can. Hopefully, we will ALL get some financial gifts from this quantum programming and the A.I. layers being integrated into our societies, but we still won't become global financial systems whales.
    So whether paper currency continues to exist or completely goes away – while this "resetting of society" figures out its' parameters, the backbone of economy for us, alongside available currencies, will be bartering/trading.
    My dear people, absolutely get all the currency you can. And prep back up supplies as you can. But also, create or pinpoint your skills, or learn to make products that can be used for trading within your local community/city for other services or goods.
    These next few decades will have challenges, but we don't have to be destroyed while a societal change is occurring. Let's just live our lives with a lot of planning (for the short and long term) and implementing of things we can actually do.
    Since we can't stop those "mad babies" from doing all these nutty things (forgive me, it's easier for me to laugh than try to understand their choices), let's all stay focused on what we CAN do (which is a lot) for ourselves.
    And If anyone has suggestions, please share them. I know I need all the suggestions I can get! Lol!
    Love you all. 💖

  3. A manufactured change is not change.

    When you reward fraud, you get more fraud

    When you reward insanity, you get more insanity

    Covid-19 is INSANITY and a FRAUD

    Anything built on a foundation of fraud is itself fraudulent

  4. Cashless lol, I had a security issue on my account that they cannot disclose and my account frozen for 3 days, this is the third time in months this has happened, each time with no explanation, this is exactly why cashless is their ultimate control… good thing I have cash too..Banks want to control and monitor your every move. Criminal

  5. Wiki says Mr Armstrong went to jail for fraud, just sayin'. "Martin Arthur Armstrong (born November 1, 1949) is an American self-taught[1] economic forecaster and convicted felon who spent 11 years in jail for cheating investors out of $700 million and hiding $15 million in assets from regulators.[1]" Reference 1. "Felon Forecaster Blogs on Cycles After 11 Years in Prison". Bloomberg. 2011-09-11. Retrieved 2018-09-16.

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