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SamIam Walken Bot is a Scam

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  1. SamIam, what a fantastic work. One by one you bringing them to the light. Amazing 😊 people are so lucky that you do this work before they get into it. More then me. I had only a 2200 XRP and lost everything arbitrage and GOEX bot. First I got super angry with you on making this first video on arbitrage bot. Bcz I wouldn't have know at all about this bots. have settled a bit now and I'm happy you do this work. But I'm so lost bcz for me my XRP- dream is over I have no options of buying new XRP anymore bcz certain situations I'm in to. I have actually lost all what I had.
    I want you do research on bluechipbot bcz I have a 300 xrp on that. I have asked for a refund but they are not paying me back. Pls can you check on them.

  2. Hi mate, just wanted to let you know that someone emptied out my Exodus wallet today, I have lost $15500 worth of my coins. don't know what to do. can you please give me some suggestions really need help from you guys. you are one of my favorite guys whom I listen to. so please help me, my email is . regards Alf

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