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Saturday Surge In XRP , Top 10 Crypto Performers In 2019 And Ripple

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Daily XRP News
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  1. DAI I have a comment I seen from Damian Stark on the moon lambo channel that I thought was a good one and it made me think about what xrp is really capable of doing 1st ive watched your videos for a while and I believe you have been in xrp for sometime like 2013 are there about so basically you have made money, so no matter what happens your outlook is a little different than most and you have a little more freedom to do videos and research which is a great thing and I like how you are going for the big bucks shows nerves of steel, the comment left talked about a lot of different aspects but to some up what stuck out to me was that xrp releases 1 billion tokens a month so lets say the price is 10 dollars it would take 10 billion to by that up every month, whatever is not bought goes back into escrow, I use 10 dollars because I figure we all would hope it would reach that at the least, ripple has 55 billion in escrow
    Which would mean at 10 bucks they would have 550 billion dollars which is 13% of what the fed is worth if I'm not mistaken the fed has 4 trillion dollars I could be saying it wrong but hopefully you get the picture so let's say xrp went to the moon like we all want and hit 100 dollars that would mean ripple would have 5 trillion 500 billion dollars now that is more then the fed and for a private company to have that much power is something we just don't see allowed even Amazon and Microsoft are whoever doesn't have 5 trillion dollars and the consensus in America at least is not to let one corporation get to big are have a monopoly of course Damian Stark said it much better and had many more points but do you get what I'm saying 5 trillion is outrageous and seems like that just won't happen almost like a pipe dream to even think it would, I know ripple will burn some and I know once in circulation things are bound to change some but for the most part that's how it would go unless ripple just gave some to the IMF, BIS, ECB, and the FED etc etc and I cant remember this part to well but he said something to the effect that what would stop ripple from cloning xrp and making another universal coin that everyone agreed on I cant remember that very good so take it with a grain of salt but think about 1 private company having 5 trillion just doesn't seem possible but as I said this is off my head I wish I would have copied his comment.

  2. We will see TYPE token going past XRP at the speed of light. All these news and no price reaction. This surely can't be good for investors. I'm still in XRP big time but it won't make me a millionaire not in the next 8 years I don't think so. But TYPE will and much faster than XRP.

  3. Say again? "Surge" ??? How stupid do you think your subscribers are? Jesus Christ. People, don't listen to this clown, and not to that paid shill Tiffany Hayden either. Genuine crypto Youtubers are upfront when being sponsored (cash tokens or both). This guy refuses to answer my simple question, so therefore he is most likely a paid shill. Crypto Youtubers are getting offers on a daily basis (given tokens in exchange for talking about it), but must disclose this so the viewer knows they are watching a long advert.

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