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Saudi Arabia Using Digital Assets And Works With Ripple XRP

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News


  1. "United we WHALE , Divided we fry."

    The US government has met with Ripple to discuss plans of using XRP as the new world currency, and China will use EOS as an alternative to XRP.

    The Economic Machine (IOV) New World Currency

    Ripple XRP The proof is in the partnerships Federal Reserve partnerships

    The Ripple Federal Reserve Task Force, The One World Digital Currency

    The Federal Reserve is reviewing faster payment strategies like Ripple

    US Federal Reserve Tests And Approves Ripple

  2. One of the important things I try to remember is that once things go mainstream, the digital asset advisors are going to be asked by clients which tokens are a good bet for investing. this has always been crystal clear to me. This is a different story than the slow evolution of the internet, things will happen very quickly in comparison. in the 90's nobody knew what they needed in digital spaces, today we know much more about what we need from this.

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