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Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. I would hold my XRP. I emailed several companies over the last few days and I got my first response back today from the director of investments from Mercedes which stated they are looking into blockchain products like XRP but they dont have the regulatory framework to use XRP for payments. I have the email I will paste below. Here in Charleston SC we have a new Mercedes-Benz production plant and they buy materials from all over the world. Several people who work for the company state that payments and money transfers across the globe take too long. We have a Volvo plant and BMW plant here to and I'm sure they feel the same. Once regulations kick in you will see Xrapid with many companies other than banks. Email below:

    American Real-Estate
    As an investor I was wondering if Mercedes has looked into using blockchain products like and their XRP token to move payments. The curr…
    to me
    14 hours agoDetails
    Dear Investor,

    Thanks for the interest in our company and the usage of new digital solutions.

    Daimler is constantly analyzing the markets for new and efficient business solutions.

    From a current point of view the regulatory and technical framework is not fully given in order to use Ripple/XRP efficiently within our company.

    Nevertheless we will continue to observe blockchain solutions (e.g Ripple/XRP) for potential usage.

    Best regards,

    Rolf Bassermann
    Daimler AG
    Investor Relations

    Head of Private Investors &

    Investor Relations Internet
    HPC F 342
    70372 Stuttgart

    Phone: +49 711 17 95277
    Fax: +49 711 17 94075

  2. Stick with XRP. People laughed at me when I bought Sirius radio stock for 10 cents and it's $6 now. The co with the best product always wins in the end. Google had several rivals with higher stock prices in the 90s. Those companies are not here anymore but Google still is. I attended a top business school and several people there are saying hold XRP. These other people are just seeking a quick buck to buy a candy bar or something. Go long and be patient

  3. Alex Sam posted a video of Litecoin , need your assistance , I posted this in the comments , any chance of a deep dive into Litecoin please and my questions as I feel everyone is missing vital information before mainstream adoption , thx Alex ! . Where is Litecoins development team members and updates available for review ? , can you post link please . Alot of suspect things lately with the Crypto Market like , tether being used to inflate Bitcoin price claims , has there been any official Government audit of tether ? Does China still control 70+% of Bitcoins hash power leaving it vulnerable to a 51% attack ? What % of hash power does China have with Litecoin POW ? It's unbelievable , there pushing for Worldwide adoption , where's the transparency or is it swampy ??

  4. SBI can invest as much as it likes.. they have realised that they are on their own re ripple so not enough influence to effect the price

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