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SBI Holdings Financials Ripple, XRP, SBIVC Trade, MoneyTap, R3, Liquidity / MoneyGram

Ledger Nano X - The secure hardware wallet

SBI Holdings Quarterly Results, June 3, Nagoya Japan with a focus on Ripple, XRP, SBIVC Trade, MoneyTap, R3 & Liquidity.

A Deep Dive into MoneyGram and Global Remittances

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  1. SCB has denied it plans to start using ripple's xrp token,contrary to earlier indications.
    The Bank's denial was communicated in a tweet,!!!
    do you wanna add anything else???? i told you the last 5 months that this it was the most ever faked news circulating around .

  2. I leave in Thailand since the Last 30 years and I am SCB customer since the last 17!
    Noone around here knows Ripple and Xrp!
    You believe or not this is the News!

  3. I think the xrp community is partly at fault for scb taking back their usage of xrp tweet. Us HODL'ers are pressuring them on social media that they themselves might not be fully aware of the xrp community. Their announcement had honest intentions but it go too much attention…..

  4. If you remember I warned you months ago about people like CKJ who was warming up to you… I saw the trouble coming, be are good at what you do and you do not net these idiots around you.. There are quite a few of them xrp snake oil salesmen… Cut ties with the idiots will know them by their fruits

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