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SBI Holdings Mr. Kitao Speaks on XRP Ripplenet R3 Corda, Bank of England XRP USE, Bitwise ETF

Daily XRP News

New Feb 2019 BOSS monthly Magazine Article on SBI Holdings with exclusive interview by CEO Mr. Yoshitaka Kitao, commenting on XRP, Ripple and R3 Corda. This article is available in the paper format, or for 700 yen – a digital version readable by a Fujisan reader which uses a FLASH player which isn’t compatible with google translate. Not downloadable as well. Sorry. I’ll see what I can do.

Bank of England Comments on use of the digital asset XRP

Bitwise Bitcoin ETF

Bitwise Investments Interview ~ worth a listen to.

Osaka Japan EXPO 2025

Daily XRP News


  1. Great one as usual. I have a question: what if regulators will decide that xrp to be used only between institutions etc? Is this possible? Thank you

  2. Good video. I'm so tired of you tube channels that just yell things like'' xrp to the moon'' and "I got cinnamon in my coffee'' and ''we're gonna be rich'' I would rather here facts and good news. And please, those cartoon bear puzzles. That garbage cheapens the whole Crypto community.

  3. Great research & info Eri, as usual. I love your attention to the latest & relevant info from Japan; a great perspective from the pulse of
    the cryptocurrency market, & XRP. Keep up the great job!! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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