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SBI makes a big move, Coinbase & Paypal, Ripple confirms XRP & Bank of Siam

Daily XRP News

Ripple Sees Massive Appetite In Asian Markets, Says Head Of Regulatory Relations For Europe, Dan Morgan

Mr. Kitao of SBI Holdings to bring his share of mining to 30% to bring stability to the market and make is healthier.

SBI Slides in English

Esoteric Trading Solutions Teaching Crypto Markets

Daily XRP News


  1. Hi Eri. Very informative. Just wanted your thoughts on why the market is still bearish. Could it be manipulation from the big boys at the high end of town wanting to get the cheaply before the introduction of bakkt, fidelity and perhaps govt regulation?

  2. 1)What difference will obtaining 30% of mining do to any further forks ? What is he hoping to achieve by doing this ? 2) Would him gaining 30% of the mining add to centralisation or assist in decentralisation ? Seems to me eventually only large centralised corporations in low energy costing countries will control mining only cementing the centralised future for btc and all btc forks. 3) This gentlemen making a prediction holds so much more weight than your avg. tin foil hat guru on twitter, when he made that prediction it can be correctly assumed that he has more knowledge of XRP future usage and events that will help it achieve that prediction by EOY- the community has the right to question him and expect an answer. 4) Susie really has no idea of the crypto space, anyone who argues that xrp should be a security and it would be good for it to be deemed one loses my confidence immediately not to mention her ridiculous mathematics to obtain her price predictions, her asking for money for advice but stating on her website none of her advice should be taken as financial advice and lastly she cant even spell cryptocurrencies correctly on the front page of her website – she is a twit !

  3. I have the Godzilla roar as the ringtone on my phone! I always keep the volume cranked up. I have made a few people really jump if they were near me in stores or lines. I have gotten a lot of strange looks and stares.

    I love Godzilla, thanks for giving him a mention!

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