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SBI R3 New Joint Venture 2019, Japan 61 Bank Consortium Ripplenet Ready for XRP

Daily XRP News

Soon, Japanese banks will not only be quickly onboarded with minimal effort, but also easily connect to other member banks in Ripple’s network — furthering their reach with real-time global settlement. Each bank will have the ability to use Ripple solutions to send real-time, low-cost, transparent domestic and cross-border payments.

Blockchain Firm R3, Japan’s SBI Holdings To Establish Joint Venture Next Year

Love in another dimension: Japanese man ‘marries’ Hatsune Miku hologram

Daily XRP News


  1. Hey Eri, well done again. Just a question for you. A while back ago in your Youtube video, you mentioned you were asked by STELLA to evaluate its cryptocurrency for cross-border payment. You also mentioned that you would compare and contrast XLM and XRP and tell us which is better. I wonder if you have drawn any conclusion in that comparison or your evaluation of XLM is still ongoing. Very glad to know your followers keep growing which now stands at a very respectable 11k. You are my only trusted source for unbiased info on XRP and other altcoins.

  2. Okay… I’m officially an Eri crypto and “fluff” addict!!!! I noticed in the fluff piece that the guy walked in his house and took his shoes off (in the space that you said is common to do so). Then I actually thought to myself: “Hey, I thought he was supposed to turn his shoes around, like ships that are leaving the port”….. 🙀🤯🤩😂
    I think I may need to see somebody about my condition….

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