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SBI Ripple Asia Representation for G20 Prep, BTC XRP Sushi Premium, Mr. Kitao quits BCHSV too

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“Data Technology Has Created Cashless Society”
With the use of payment options that leverage digital technologies, such as smartphones and QR codes and blockchain technology, a cashless society has arisen in Japan as well. We will discuss what types of new businesses and economies are expected to come into being as a result of the use of data and customer information that can be obtained via the electronic payment process.

@DoveyWan is a good follow in this part of the world. (Twitter)

G20 Finance Ministers / Central Bank Governors Meeting in Fukuoka Commemorative Event-
Open Innovation Promotion Council in the IoT / AI Era The 3rd Symposium in Fukuoka-The New Social Infrastructure and Business Future of FinTech Accelerated by the Internet-

Hakata Gion Yamakasa Festival

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Great job, Eri !! Thanks so much !!
    I was pleased to hear that Mr. Kitao and I think alike when it come to the "in-fighting" among the proof of work communities. Another positive point is that XRP will be even further advanced into the spotlight of core assets which should have an impact on both volume and price going forward.
    As always, Thanks for all You do.

  2. I find the Japanese to have a great sense of humor n fun. I always laugh when I see them do these things. Love the way you were wiggling the guys bum cheeks with your mouse cursor. LOL. Oh right, you were just pointing out his G string, I mean that clothing he is wearing.
    I wish he had an XRP tatoo there.

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