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SBI Ripple Asia To Go Live This Year With ODL

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This video is made by Alex Cobb.

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Gonna over some good news (which he hasnt read) to talk about info from a bloke who he doesn't know who he is. Time to switch off, he just wants money sending to him.

  2. Keep in mind the first time they said they were launching their own XRP services, it got pushed back about 7 times, and what was supposed to be 1 year, took about 5.

  3. @MGTOW4Life You have two degree's? You mean TWO WHOLE Degree's? Wow..where are they from Phoenix Online Academy? Degree's mean dick unless you are a doctor (which you are not). Boy your here schooling everybody aren't you? Why do i care how much R3/Schwartz/Larson..etc..etc hold in XRP? That is more incentive for them to succeed. Or do you think they want to devalue what they hold mass quantities of? They have contracts that they cannot dump on the market (go ask Jed McCaleb). Why are banks signing on and more importantly why is the infrastructure growing? What do i care if the price is .18 or .13 or .10 cents right now? I'm not in it to sell them next month. Let me guess your a Bitcoin Maxie. Well i'm sure the Fed is going to have a field day when they come out with their own FedCoin and deem Bitcoin illegal. You realize that you have to KYC when going on the exchanges now right? You think that is for shits and giggles? They are going to BAN Bitcoin. Say you have 100 Bitcoin? Where are you going to use Bitcoin in America?? When you go to McDonalds next time tell them you want to pay in bitcoin for your order? You are no millionaire going around the world banging 21 yo's in Bangkok or Manilla. You are a pissed off troll who dumped a ton of money in an asset and over leveraged yourself to the point that your trading is emotional. If you are a millionaire as you state you are what in the actual fuck are you doing on here? Trying to educate everyone on your superior wisdom and market analysis. Your synopsis on the top holders is a joke your theory is a joke which means you sir are a joke! Go bother the shitbirds in the ETH or BTC forums.

  4. Alex, I have watched your content and participated in it for years. On real estate – avoid it. It is a parasitic occupation that is a solution to a problem that does not exist. They are entirely unnecessary. The “occupation” is highly dependent upon the market itself. I’ve known many realtors and must say, I would not desire to fall into their ranks. Start a real business, perhaps own property. Keep eye on the events unfolding as we head for perilous times. Keep it up and HODL hard. Gold gold and silver as well. If you don’t have a weapon and the skills to employ it, change that fact. The only way to protect your life and property from violence is by being able to meet violence with superior violence. Brace.

  5. World expo 2025 that shows you that by then they haven't even ramped up and need to tout XRP 🖕🏽🖕🖕🏾🖕🏼🖕🏿🖕🏿 XRP

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