SBI VC Trade Officially Live! Ripple XRP and SWIFT GPI. ICBA Advertisement

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  1. I would not be surprised in anyway at all, if coin market cap Does Not show SBI. Why would they? They were the ones who helped wreck XRP back when they did, and have offered no real explanation why since then. I think they are in a group of some who want XRP to fail or to keep the price so low, that they will do anything they can to keep it flat. Until we have American banks actively using it, creating actual use case liquidity, i fear we won’t see any real price increase for a while. Just my opinion and I sincerely hope I am so wrong.

  2. Hello.  I have enjoyed listening to your channel, among others, for quite some time now.  However, I have to ask….is it not time for those who have built up a following here(while following XRP in particular) to start to ask some serious questions about what is happening.  People who are not super knowledgeable about financial issues have made choices based on the limited information and opinions many online commentators have put forth.  While it is not the fault of those who are sharing their opinions, it does beg the question that at what point is there some personal responsibility of the online community to step back and ask more difficult and uncomfortable questions.  As one example….since this spring, if investors had not stuck with XRP waiting for(specifically I believe) today, their hard earned money would have been better positioned elsewhere in the asset class.   They would have seen positive returns and increased their individual financial worth.  No other internationally geared, positioned and or used widget, gadget, commodity, thing etc. that I am aware of is valued at less then $1.00.   If today's news and actions can not propel the valuation of this item to at least the international standard, at $1.00, then we all need to step back and really dive into WHY?  I am asking, and in fact challenging those of you doing this work to ask yourselves why and then collectively hash this out.  Maybe there is a legitimate answer, maybe there is an answer we all are not seeing or wanting to see, or maybe there is an answer that is being kept or hidden from the general public.  I do not know, I am just suggesting that now is the time to truly examine what the possibilities could be.  Todays market action simply does not seem appropriate to it's position, and those with a voice should start to use it in a fashion to sort out why.  Thank you.  P.S.  I am going to post this around the channels I listen to as an effort to kick start some kind of conversation.  I am neither a bot nor an XRP hater.  Exactly the opposite.

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