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SBIVC Trade & The Healthy EcoSystem of RIpple and XRP, Complex & Growing

Daily XRP News

Ripple Announces New University Blockchain Research Initiative Partners, Expands to China and Singapore
The company is partnering with leading universities around the world to help grow the blockchain ecosystem and support the industry leaders of tomorrow

BitcoinTrade in Brazil adds XRP Pairing

Ripple Partner Kyriba Surpasses $110M in Revenue in 2018, Anticipates 40% Growth This Year

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Good morning from Texas😎

    Let’s say, worst case scenario, XRP gets declared a security. What happens then?? What of our holdings?? Will the SEC allow only “accredited” investors to participate?? Just want to have all my angles covered!!
    Thank you in advance:)

  2. Hey Eri, I could listen to you read the phone book.!!! Love your insight. I think that it would be very positive if you could keep mentioning that the value of the xrp token will not increase to any large degree until the escrow billions are finally released. That’s about 3 years from now. Cheers from Brian in Oz.

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