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SEC can’t stop Ripple XRP Expansion, SPARK Token Trading Begins Jan 6 2021, Santander changing TECH

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Daily XRP News
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  1. 6. Meanwhile, Larsen—Ripple’s initial chief executive officer (“CEO”) and current chairman of the Board—and Garlinghouse—Ripple’s current CEO—orchestrated these unlawful sales and personally profited by approximately $600 million from their unregistered sales of XRP. 7. Garlinghouse did so while repeatedly touting that he was “very long” XRP, meaning he held a significant position he expected to rise in value, without disclosing his sales of XRP. 8. Defendants continue to hold substantial amounts of XRP and—with no registration statement in effect—can continue to monetize their XRP while using the information asymmetry they created in the market for their own gain, creating substantial risk to investors. 60. In addition, Ripple and Larsen (and later Garlinghouse) never filed a registration statement with the SEC prior to offering or selling XRP. Nor did they limit their sales of XRP to transactions that fit within legal exemptions to the registration requirements of the Securities Act. In other words, Ripple and Larsen embarked on a large-scale unregistered public distribution of XRP and—with the goal of immense profits—simply assumed the risk that they were violating the federal securities laws. 69. In other words, Ripple’s stated business plan made Ripple’s conduct alleged here a foregone conclusion—Ripple made it part of its “strategy” to sell XRP to as many speculative investors as possible. While Ripple touted the potential future use of XRP by certain specialized institutions, a potential use it would deploy investor funds to try to create, Ripple sold XRP widely into the market, specifically to individuals who had no “use” for XRP as Ripple has described such potential “uses” and for the most part when no such uses even existed. 70. Ripple also lacked the funds to pay for these endeavors and for its general corporate business expenses, which for 2013 and 2014 already exceeded $25 million, without selling XRP. 71. Ripple’s objectives and its own financial reality thus compelled it to actively seek to offer and sell XRP as widely as possible, while controlling supply and demand in the resale market to manage and control liquidity for an imagined, future “use” case. 84. In addition, Larsen (beginning in 2015) and Garlinghouse (beginning in 2017) directly participated in the Offering by offering and selling their own holdings of XRP into the same market as Ripple’s Market Sales, typically following the same manner of sale. 85. From 2015 through at least March 2020, while Larsen was an affiliate of Ripple as its CEO and later chairman of the Board, Larsen and his wife sold over 1.7 billion XRP to public investors in the market. Larsen and his wife netted at least $450 million USD from those sales. 86. From April 2017 through December 2019, while an affiliate of Ripple as CEO, Garlinghouse sold over 321 million XRP he had received from Ripple to public investors in the market, generating approximately $150 million USD from those sales. 87. Defendants offered and sold XRP to any person, without restricting offers or sales to persons who had a “use” for XRP (particularly given that little to no “use” existed until Ripple subsidized some “use” operations in recent months, as described below) and without restricting anyone’s ability to resell their XRP to investors within the United States or elsewhere. 106. In other words, Ripple expected that most, if not all, Institutional Sales buyers would sell their XRP into public markets and tried to protect XRP’s trading price by limiting the amounts that could be resold during any given time period. By selling at discounts to market prices, Ripple incentivized these buyers to seek to sell their XRP into the public markets in order to realize what was essentially a guaranteed profit. 125. From approximately December 2018 through July 2020, Ripple issued at least 324 million XRP as fees, rebates, and incentives to entities associated with ODL, without restricting the ability of these entities to resell the XRP received as incentives into public markets. This XRP was valued at approximately $67 million at the time of Ripple’s payments. 126. These entities typically have resold all the XRP they have received from Ripple to investors in the public markets, typically on the same day that they received the XRP from Ripple. 127. Ripple took no steps to ensure that these entities intended to hold XRP as an investment. To the contrary, Ripple gave these entities XRP to sell into the public markets. 161. From April 2017 through December 2019, Garlinghouse sold over 321 million of his XRP, for approximately $150 million, to the public through digital asset trading platforms or other intermediaries. Beginning in December 2017, Garlinghouse used the Market Maker, who deployed trading bots on multiple, worldwide digital asset trading platforms, to sell his XRP to the public.

  2. If the US government is determined to do so, it could push the price of XRP down even further; apart from declaring XRP to be a security, it could put pressure on US banks to refrain from using XRP. There could be a couple of things going on here, one of which is that XRP is a threat to the SWIFT payment system, which the US government has a lot of control over.
    XRP will eventually find a bottom (in price), and it'll no doubt be a great investment at that point. However, I don't know where the bottom is (in price).

  3. I don't understand why one gets so bonded with a project when it is obvious that the coin will be taking a deep dive? I have been following this channel since early 2018 and the depth of information is amazing for followers to learn from.

  4. However, with your talent there's a lot more interesting projects out there. It would be great if you would talk about e.g. dot, link, snx or whatever that also have great potential. Why only Ripple as every technology or projects have their cycle to shine….However, I would admire your passion on a sole or major focus to one project .

  5. My summary of Ripple/XRP, I have been keeping my eye on the fundamentals underpinning my investment in XRP and cannot find any reason to believe there is an additional risk to Ripple and their token XRP reaching the final goal. My reasons are far too many to detail in a simple summary, that is why I and many others did the research and rely on the work that was done. I fully understand why there is a feeling of panic for anybody who has not done a great deal of research and I also understand that any research you do right now is likely to swamp your mind with doubt that would otherwise be factoring in prior research results, had they been done by you. With this in mind and this is not financial advice, you need to take any action you deem appropriate to your personal circumstances. My personal position is as follows: I will hold firm with my investment until the fundamentals of my research are challenged by calculated and deliberate lies, deceit or fraud on the part of the Ripple team or founders and I have seen none of this to-date. For over two years and through research I have witnessed many challenges and winning moments for Ripple and XRP, so just as they are entering the final stages of their overwhelming successes would not be the time to let doubt cloud my earlier judgement to simply conclude that the Ripple/XRP use case, partnerships and past successes could result in anything other than complete success.

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