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Securing Your Crypto – More Than Just a Ledger Nano

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Setting up a Ledger Nano or other hardware wallet is just the first step in securing your digital assets. Anyone storing cryptocurrency on their own, needs to take security very seriously. There are dozens of examples where people have been robbed and beaten for their crypto.
This video provides some strategies and basic steps you can take to greatly increase your security and minimize risk of loss. It is not meant to be an end-all be-all guide, with security there is no such thing. It’s a continually evolving game of cat and mouse. It’s critically important for crypto millionaires to be aware of security risks and take appropriate actions to minimize those risks.

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  1. Thanks for this video, it was sorely needed. There are too many people out there who are cavalier about their security, and if someone is convinced that their net worth is going to be $20 million by 2020 or whatever thanks to XRP, then they need to start thinking like a badguy's target now before that even materializes.

    I think the biggest precaution is just shutting the f**k up in the first place, and keeping a low profile. I'm daysleeper062 online and that's all I'll ever be, and no one on Twitter or YouTube will find out my real name or see an avatar with my face. At work a couple people know I "put a bit of money into trading cryptocurrency", and that's all they'll never know. If the time ever comes when I can retire early on my holdings, I'll be telling everyone that "I'm leaving as I've decided that this line of work just isn't for me", and fading quietly out of people's minds.

    I don't speak about my holdings to anyone except my wife, and I've even told her to be very careful about who she speaks to about it as well. All it would take is for her to joke with a friend at work "Wow my husband is really stacking up on something called XRP, I really think he has a problem!", and when that friend hears on the news months later that XRP is mooning, my family could be a potential target thanks to that friend's big mouth. Even good people have dirtbag friends and black sheep family members who could potentially target you, and word gets around faster than people think. I've seen someone beaten to a pulp for 3000$ cash at a poker game, and a lady put in the ICU for a $150 bracelet, so I know the temptation to victimize someone can be great when serious money is involved. I cringe everytime I see someone on YouTube or a social media platform posting how many XRP they have, with their first and last name and a photo of them as their avatar.

    Potential violence aside, having word out that you're wealthy can be a real hassle. You'll be a mark for scammers, solicited constantly for every kind of service or investment opportunity, and all sorts of fake people dealing with you will have an agenda, including your own friends. The best course of action is to keep your wealth low-key.

  2. Bro, don't show your recovery seed in a video. I don't want you to lose your XRP. There are many assholes out there ready to steal. If it's your real recovery seed you should probably edit or remove the video or change your seed if possible. 👌😦😄

  3. The cards are a great idea. I probably will utilize it. However it’s much easier to put your keys in txt file, encrypt the file with your own key, and save that file to cloud storage

  4. I bought one recently, when I received it I tried to set it up multiple times and it failed. The usb part wiggled a bit and it wouldn’t seat properly and kept rebooting during the setup process. I tried to use another usb cable but it wouldn’t work with a diffrent one. I then got distracted and put it back in it’s box and sent it back.

  5. On Ledger Live you can add multiple accounts. Would you do things differently? Is there a video/instructions anywhere on how to do the multiple wallets with the Ledger Nano S? Cheers mate. Great vid.

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